Upgrade from Nintex Forms to Power Apps for Enhanced Efficiency

Power AI Consulting offers expertise in converting Nintex Forms to Power Apps, enabling organizations to streamline their form solutions and eliminate the need for costly third-party solutions. With our experience in creating mobile and desktop Power Apps, as well as custom SharePoint list forms, we can help businesses optimize their processes and allocate their budget more effectively.

Included Services

  • Nintex Forms Conversion: Our experienced engineers will convert your existing Nintex Forms into Power Apps, ensuring a smooth transition and preserving the functionality of your form solutions.
  • Mobile Power Apps: We create mobile Power Apps that enable users to access and submit forms on the go, increasing productivity and efficiency.
  • Desktop Power Apps: Our team develops desktop Power Apps that provide a user-friendly interface for form creation and submission, enhancing the overall user experience.
  • Custom SharePoint List Forms: We design and implement custom SharePoint list forms using Power Apps, tailored to meet your specific business requirements and improve data collection processes.

Benefits of services

  • Cost Savings: By transitioning from Nintex Forms to Power Apps, organizations can eliminate the additional expenses associated with third-party form solutions, freeing up budget for other business needs.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Power Apps provides a more robust and versatile platform for creating form solutions, allowing for greater customization and automation to streamline workflows.
  • Seamless Integration: As part of the Microsoft 365 technology stack, Power Apps seamlessly integrates with SharePoint and other Microsoft tools, enabling a cohesive and unified user experience.
  • Future-Proof Solution: Power Apps is continuously evolving and improving, ensuring that businesses stay up-to-date with the latest features and capabilities for their form solutions.


At Power AI Consulting, we understand the challenges organizations face when it comes to justifying the cost of third-party form solutions like Nintex Forms. With the maturation of the Power Apps platform, businesses can now leverage its capabilities to create efficient and cost-effective form solutions.

Our team of experts has extensive experience in converting Nintex Forms into Power Apps, ensuring a seamless transition and preserving the functionality of your existing forms. Whether you require mobile Power Apps for on-the-go form submission or desktop Power Apps for a user-friendly form creation experience, we have the expertise to deliver.

By migrating to Power Apps, businesses can not only save on costs but also enhance efficiency. Power Apps offers a more versatile and customizable platform, allowing for automation and integration with other Microsoft tools like SharePoint. This integration ensures a cohesive user experience and eliminates the need for multiple disjointed solutions.

With our fast implementation process, we can quickly convert your Nintex Forms into Power Apps, enabling you to accelerate your business processes and achieve greater productivity. Our team’s extensive experience with SharePoint consulting and migration further ensures a smooth transition to the Microsoft 365 cloud.

Don’t let the cost of third-party form solutions hold your business back. Contact Power AI today to learn how we can help you upgrade from Nintex Forms to Power Apps, freeing up your budget and enhancing your form solutions. Visit our contact page  to get in touch with us.

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