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  1. Expertise: We specialize in the Microsoft 365 Power Platform, a dynamic suite that includes Power Automate, SharePoint, Dataverse, Power Virtual Agent, Azure AI, and ChatGPT API.

  2. Speed: In today's fast-paced business environment, speed is paramount. Our development process is swift, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve.

  3. Value for Money: Quality doesn't always have to break the bank. Our flat rates for app development start at just $4900, catering to a wide range of business needs.

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Operational Efficiency

Streamline operations through advanced automation and AI.


Business Agility

Our apps propel businesses, ensuring they move faster and smarter.


Data Mastery

Centralize, access, and manage your data effortlessly across various repositories.

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At Power AI, we believe in the power of technology to redefine how businesses operate. Connect with us today to experience the future of app development.

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Tailored Business Apps: We craft applications that facilitate rapid business decisions, automate manual processes, and foster operational efficiency. With our apps, data storage is seamless and versatile – be it in SharePoint lists, libraries, Dataverse, Azure SQL, Azure Cosmos DB (NoSQL), or other top-notch repositories.

Approval Process Apps: One of our most sought-after solutions. We design intuitive Power App forms to capture vital requests and, based on your business process requirements, we employ Power Automate to navigate these requests for requisite approvals.

Advanced features

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Expense Approval App

Allows employees to submit expenses for approval. Utilizes Power Apps for the submission form, Power Automate for the approval workflow, and stores data in SharePoint lists.

Document Management System

Organizes and manages business documents. Built using SharePoint libraries with added functionalities through Power Apps. Review process. Change review & approval

Employee Onboarding App

Streamlines the process of onboarding new employees. Integrates Power Apps for data collection, Power Automate for task automation, and SharePoint for resource distribution.

Time Off Request App

Allows employees to request time off, which then goes through an approval process. Uses Power Apps for request submissions and Power Automate for approval workflows.

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